Easy Access

Relax. Sign in. While many banks provide online account access, not all of them match our level of convenience. Enjoy online banking tailored to save you time and alleviate stress.

Pay and Transfer

Go digital.

Say goodbye to checks and slips. Transferring your money is just a few clicks away! Experience the convenience of online banking with Walton State Bank.

Account Management

Banking on your terms.

Since you control your schedule, why not manage your banking whenever it’s convenient for you? We provide online access to checking accounts, personal loans, statements, and more—morning, noon, and night.

Budget and Track

Manage your finances.

We’ve streamlined virtual banking to be hassle-free, allowing you to manage your time and money effectively. Monitor balances, track expenditures, and bank intelligently—all from the comfort of your home.

Mobile App

Just tap. Our mobile banking app allows you to quickly reach your accounts while you’re on the move.