ACH Debit and Origination

Utilize Walton State Bank to initiate loan payments and other automatic transactions for you.

ACH eliminates expenses related to check processing, postage, check reconciliation, as well as the risks of lost or stolen checks.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Efficiently save time and resources by electronically processing employee payments. We leverage ACH to deposit funds directly into your employees’ accounts.

Positive Pay for Checks and ACH

Our positive pay system helps prevent fraudulent activity by detecting suspicious checks. You will be notified before checks are cashed or paid, providing you with the opportunity to review and take necessary action.

Key features include:

  • Comparing paid checks with issued checks to identify questionable items.
  • Detection of counterfeit, altered, or miscoded checks, including unauthorized copies.
  • The ability to set check number ranges and high-dollar amount limits based on your check-writing history.

Business Online Banking

Access and oversee your accounts and payroll conveniently with business online banking.

Key features include:

  • Retrieve account information.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Establish balance alerts.
  • Enroll in online statements.

Merchant Bankcard Services

Produce comprehensive reports summarizing all transactions processed during the month. The determination of discount rates is based on an annual analysis of merchant activity.

Remote Deposit Capture

Streamline your deposit process by utilizing remote capture to make deposits directly from the office. With an image scanner, you can reconcile deposits before securely transmitting them to the bank for approval. Remote capture not only saves time but also reduces costs, enhances cash flow, and optimizes fund availability.

We are committed to help you grow.

As your dedicated business bank, we are here to assist you in addressing the financial requirements of every facet of your company.